Fees Guide 2022

Treatment NamePrivate FeeMembership Plan Fee
Dental Examination  
New Patient Examination£79included in the Membership Plan
Routine 6 monthly examination (Recall)£54included in the Membership Plan
Study Modelsfrom    £75from       £75
Radiograph (X-rays)  
Small Digital Radiograph£12 each£10.80
Hygienist (Ultrasonic/Hand Scaler)from £60£60
Hygienist (Air Polishing)from   £110from      £100
Advance Periodontal Programme  (incl. full mouth Detox)from   £595from      £595
One Quadrantfrom   £150from      £150
Conservative Treatment  
Silver Amalgam fillingsfrom    £98from   £88.20
White Composite Filling (1 Surface)from  £140from      £126
White Composite Filling (2 Surfaces)from  £170from      £153
White Composite Filling (3+ Surfaces)from  £220from      £198
Glass Ionomer Fillingfrom    £93from   £83.70
Fissure Sealantfrom    £38from   £34.20
Sensitivity Treatment (incl. Tooth Mousse & Trays)£155£155
Root Canal Treatment  
Any Toothfrom  £395from £355.50
Pulp Extirpationfrom    £65from   £58.50
Emax Veneersfrom   £720from      £648
Chair Side Composite Veneersfrom   £295from £265.50
Re-Cementationfrom     £65from        £65
Core Build upfrom    £120from      £108
Porcelain Bonded Crownfrom    £625from £562.50
Zirconia Crown / Emaxfrom    £720from      £648
Re-cementationfrom      £65from        £65
Temporary Crownfrom      £75from        £75
Inlay/Onlays Goldfrom    £650from      £585
Immediate Temporaty Denturefrom   £445from £400.50
Partial Acrylic Denturefrom   £675from £607.50
Full Acrylic Denturefrom   £875from   £787.5
Partial Chrome Cobalt Denture    from   £950from      £855
Full Chrome Cobalt Denturefrom £1250from    £1125
Porcelain Bonded Non-Precious Metal Bridgefrom   £625from   £562.5
Zirconia/ E-max Bridgefrom   £675from £607.50
Re-Cementation (per unit)from     £65from        £65
Maryland – For Two to Three Unitsfrom   £495from £445.50
Night Bite Guardfrom   £220from      £198
Sports Guardfrom   £200from      £180
Essix Retainer (each)from   £150from      £135
Implant ConsultationComplimentaryincluded in the Membership Plan
Implantfrom £1750from    £1750
Implant Crownfrom   £685from      £685
Bone Graftfrom   £575from      £575
Basic Extractionfrom   £140from       £126
Complex Extractionfrom   £235from  £211.50
Emergency Treatments  
Assessmentfrom      £60from         £60
Dressingfrom      £45from         £45
Issue of Prescriptionfrom      £11from         £11
Temporary Fillingfrom      £65from         £65
Emergency extractionfrom    £150from       £150
Recementationfrom      £75from         £75
Pulp Extirpationfrom      £65from         £65
L7from   £1750from    £1750
Litefrom   £3195from    £3195
Comprehensivefrom   £3900from    £3900
Vivera Retainers     from     £450from      £450
C-Fast Tooth coloured bracesfrom   £2100from    £2100
Teeth Whitening  
Teeth Whitening Chairside (Philips Zoom)from     £675from     £675
Teeth Whitening Home Kit (Philips)from     £450from     £450
Whitening Traysfrom       £75from       £75

Our fee guide is here for illustration purposes only, a full estimate will be given on all work prior to the work being carried out.

New patient examination £60
Recall Exam with Basic Scale and Polish £50
Recall exam £40
Emergency assessment for new patients £50
Hygienist visit £55.50
Amalgam From £70
Composite From £80
Teeth whitening From £300
Metal crowns From £450
Tooth colour crowns From £550
Zirconia Crowns From £600
Root canal treatment
Incisor From £250
Premolar From £320
Molar From £390
Sports Guard basic From £85
Sports Guard  standard From £130
Night Guard From £100
Partial acrylic From £300
Full upper and lower acrylic From £900
Metal denture From £800
Extractions Simple From £80
Molar extraction From £85
Surgical From £160
Wisdom teeth simple From £100
Wisdom teeth surgical From £200
Apicectomy From £250
Sedation From £250
Implant consultation Free 15 minutes initial consultation
Implant Assessment £100 for 30 mins
Single tooth Implant From £2300
Two teeth Implant From £4300
X rays Peri apical or bitewings £6.50 each
OPT scan £50
CBCT scan Each Jaw £100

Dental treatments are bespoke, so a list of every treatment available would run to thousands and would be confusing. Only the most familiar treatments are listed here. If you are interested in a treatment that you do not see listed please ask.

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