Dental Hygienist services in great yarmouth & Lowestoft

Prevention is always better than a cure, so is the saying. Dental hygiene is the practice of keeping good oral health and is considered to be the best means of prevention of cavities (dental caries), gingivitis, periodontitis, and other dental disorders. It also helps to prevent bad breath (halitosis).

Dental hygiene is necessary for all persons to maintain the health of their teeth and mouth. Healthy teeth have fewer cavities and have minimal or no plaque deposits. Excellent Dental hygiene is a combination of personal and professional care.

Why do I need to see a Hygienist?

Regular tooth cleaning by a Dental Hygienist is vital to remove plaque and tartar (calculus) that may develop even with careful brushing and flossing, especially in areas that are difficult for a patient to reach on his own at home. Do you know that long term plaque build-up (and subsequent gum disease which happens when the bacteria in the plaque attacks our gums below the surface to make them red and inflamed) is one of the most common causes of tooth decay and eventual tooth loss in the UK? Professional cleaning also includes tooth scaling, tooth polishing and debridement if too much tartar has accumulated; this involves the use of various instruments or devices to loosen and remove deposits from the teeth.

Even if you do a great job of cleaning your teeth yourself and are particular about using dental floss, you still need professional cleanings. Dental hygienists use special techniques, instruments, and their professional training to complete oral hygiene that is impossible to do yourself. Besides, these professionals will examine your mouth as well as your teeth.

Please note, you do not need a referral anymore for a Dental hygienist visit. You can book a direct appointment with our dental hygienists by calling our reception desk on 01502 732124 or by using the website contact form to write to us.

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