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All routine dental treatment can be provided for adults and children.

We provide a full range of quality treatments, on NHS and Privately. We can advise on all your treatment options, not just what may be available on the NHS.

Smokers are twenty times more likely to develop gum disease; thousands of children below the age of nine are admitted to hospital in the UK for extractions of decayed teeth; and for those patients with medical conditions, such as diabetes, a high level of oral hygiene is crucial as they are more prone to infection.

Cosmetic treatment, when not clinically necessary, can be provided privately – for example, tooth whitening, white fillings on back teeth, and veneers.

We also provide crowns and dentures privately as well as NHS.

Available Treatments

Our NHS charges are fixed by the Department of Health, and are the same for all dentists.

The current NHS prices can be found here.

Our Private charges vary but are kept as low as possible and can be obtained from Reception. Some charges will vary depending on the individual tooth or gum condition but will be discussed with you.

Nervous patients can be referred for treatment under sedation.

Referrals as appropriate for Orthodontic Treatment or other specialist treatment.